Welcome to Nairnshire Community Newspaper SCIO aiming to bring a new voice for the county

What We Do

This is Nairnshire Community Newspaper SCIO, a registered charity (SC053080) working to bring a newspaper back to Nairnshire.

The purposes of Nairnshire Community Newspaper SCIO are to advance citizenship and community development in Nairn and its surrounding area through production of a regular newspaper mainly by volunteers to:

(i) bridge information gaps with timely, accurate, and relevant news and local interest stories; and
(ii) provide schedules of and support to local events;
which will keep residents connected to each other and promote civic engagement.



We hope to have an office in the centre of Nairn later this summer which will act as a focal point for volunteers, news and Whats On information gathering as well as the production of the paper.

News to follow soon, watch this space! 



Why should I become a member?

Anyone over the age of 16 and who supports the purposes and goals of Nairnshire Community Newspaper SCIO can become a member.
Membership gives you a say in the future direction of the community newspaper. You will be invited to members meetings where you will be eligible to vote on certain key decisions and elect Trustees.
There is no charge to become a member.

How do I apply?
Fill in the online application form using the link below or you can email us at membership@nairnshire.org to request a printed form.
The charity’s Constitution document is available to download below. This includes further information about eligibility for membership and the SCIO's purpose.
Membership applications received will be reviewed by the Trustees at the next Board Meeting and you will receive an e-certificate confirming your membership.

Go to the form

Constitution PDF


What you would like to see in the newspaper?

Let us know - email us at: hello@nairnshire.org